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Introduce about the company - Pham-Asset

Introduce about the company


  • The company was established since 2002, we are one of the leading manufacturers of snack with JOJO brand in Viet Nam.
  • Our products: Snack, Wafer Rolls, Jelly, Energy Drink, Coated Peanut and Instant Coffee.
  • Our machines are from Japan, US and Austria and are overseen by managers with over 30 years of experience in the field.
  • Our products are certified by FSSC and AIB which ensures the food safety standards.
  • Asides from the 5 factories in Viet Nam, we also do export the products to other countries such as: Japan, US, Korea, Laos, Cambodia and China…
  • We never stop doing research and development for the growth of our already approximately 100 different products and to meet our customers' requirements.